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Supply Chain

Coronavirus: We’re here to support your business

Managing our services - Coronavirus

Considering the evolving situation around coronavirus/COVID-19, we’d like to reassure you that the safety and welfare of our colleagues and customers is paramount. As your partner, we’re committed to providing and maintaining our services and support. And we’re here to help you keep your business running, by making sure you can continue to communicate and collaborate with colleagues, suppliers and customers all over the globe. 


Our business continuity planning

Our responses to a pandemic are coordinated at BT Group level, and within Supply Chain we have a team responsible for planning and delivering them. As far as the coronavirus outbreak is concerned, our planning teams are monitoring trusted information sources, and making direct contact with relevant governmental and other agencies.  Furthermore, we’re working closely with our suppliers to make sure we’re jointly prepared for any potential impact of the outbreak on our business. 


We have business continuity and incident management plans and processes in place and we’re constantly reappraising our position as more information becomes available. Our plans include maintaining critical business processes as our first priority.  We have certain responsibilities to support the UK Critical National Infrastructure whatever the incident or emergency.  

For the provision of service to our customers, our planning assumes a significant number of people may be absent from work due to illness or ‘knock-on’ impacts such as school closures, family care needs, public transport concerns.  


As a great deal of our Supply Chain activities cannot be performed remotely, we have in place resilience measures such as alternative locations for critical spares to minimise loss of service.  


The severity of any disease outbreak, the people most at risk and numbers of people affected cannot be predicted with any certainty.  We do continually review, test and refine our plans, but more detailed aspects may need to come into play if the outbreak escalates. 

We’re well prepared for the possibility of the coronavirus outbreak escalating and we’ll work closely with you to make sure we’re jointly prepared for this.  It’s important to note we’ll be seeking to maintain third party supply for as long as possible but a local situation that affects our suppliers may impact our ability to maintain service. 


How we are keeping our people informed?

We’re keeping our people informed via a dedicated Wellbeing, Inclusion, Safety and Health website that provides the latest health guidelines and travel information.  We’re also targeting messaging using appropriate communication channels including team meetings and one-to-ones to offer reassurance and support.  BT has introduced additional precautionary measures which include stopping international travel and restrictions on national travel which will be regularly reviewed.  In addition we’re stopping all non-essential visitors to all of our buildings, including our national distribution centres.


Remote working during the coronavirus outbreak

We know coronavirus (COVID-19) could be impacting your business and that you may feel the need to restrict travel or work remotely.  This is where technology can make the difference.


Our three-step approach to remote working

Make sure:

1. You have the connectivity and infrastructure to support an increase in home working.

2. You can easily protect your remote users and data.

3. You have the collaboration tools you need to quickly facilitate remote working.


We’re well prepared for the possibility of the coronavirus outbreak escalating and we’ll work closely with you to make sure we're jointly prepared for this.

Your Supply Chain account manager will be your central point of contact for any queries you may have including the provision of individual customers’ critical services if appropriate. If you need any further information or help please speak to your Account Manager or contact us.



The information contained in this document is: 

  • To provide an overview of contingency plans and activities and for no other purpose. 
  • To reflect the information available to us and our knowledge at the time it was provided. 
  • Subject to change. 
  • Not intended to form part of any contract, nor should it be implied into any existing contract or contracts between BT and other organisations. 
  • Or the sole use of the recipient and is confidential as between BT and the recipient.

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